Kangaroo – Advanced Sleep Solutions has developed an
innovative modular mattress that enables you to independently
switch between 6 different levels of firmness offered by the
mattress in order to achieve maximum comfort that is exactly
suited to your body and your personal preferences.
You can easily change the order in which the layers are placed in the mattress at any time so that the mattress is customised exactly to your needs.
With a double mattress, each person can choose
a different level of mattress firmness that will meet their
individual sleeping requirements.
After numerous sleep studies, we at Kanagroo know that not
every mattress suits every individual, and that people undergo
changes during their lifetime that require a change in mattress
firmness. When a person sleeps in maximum comfort that is
customised to his or her needs, he or she will sleep better and
more deeply, and will wake up with positive energy, will be
more focused during the day, and will find that their daily



1.    Cool Fabric – This top fabric layer is made from Aloe Vera, which provides a cool and soft feeling.
It is a stretching and breathing fabric, which means that every movement on the mattress increasing air circulation, allowing cool air to go in and hot air trapped inside to go out, this will provide higher sleeping quality, improved hygiene and maintain the mattress’s longevity.

2.    Soft foam – This soft foam support layer is made from high density polymer of the finest quality.
This soft foam will give you a soft feeling, but at the same time will give a slight “push” back towards your body, filling every depression between your body to the mattress.
This Soft foam will provide you with support to each and every part of your body.
The Soft foam will isolates heat to provide a cool feeling while sleeping and is also known to repel dust mites.

3.    Visco Water Air – This indulging modular layer is made from our very own unique Viscoelasticity material, Visco Water Air, which will “remember” your body’s shape.
Just like water and air that move around and adjust according to their environment and space, our Visco Water Air layer will move and adjust itself according to your body’s shape, weight and temperature.
This layer absorbs 90% of the body’s pressure, allowing your body the perfect rest.
While lying on this layer, you will experience a unique soft feeling of your body absorbing into the mattress, once you get up, the Visco Water Air layer will slowly back to it’s original form.

4.    Stable foam – This modular stability layer is made from Polyethylene, which allows your body to enjoy a stable and supporting feeling throughout the entire duration of your sleep.
This layer allows the mattress better grip on your body, providing you with a combined feeling of stability and support.
Sleeping on this layer gives great support to the body’s heavy areas such as the pelvis and shoulders, which leads up to a better nights sleep.

5.    Cool Fabric – This layer is the same as the top Cool Fabric layer (No.1)
6.    Fabric Elastomer – This layer is made from a natural elastic polymer, combined with a “breathing” fabric.
The Fabric Elastomer provides better ventilation with every movement on the mattress, allowing the cool air in the mattress while expelling the hot out, this will provide you with a fresh, airy and hygienic sleep quality on the one hand, and will protect the core of the mattress, which will extend it’s lifespan on the other hand.

7.    Elastic Base – This base layer is made made from flexible, airy and supportive Elastomer.
The base provides separate support to each specific part of your body, in order to prevent the person sleeping next to you feeling any of your movement, we designed the base to support each individual area of your body separately, and also to absorb shocks and movement individually from each specific area of the mattress, without being linked to any movement from other areas of the mattress.

8.    Fabric Elastomer – This layer is the same as the top Fabric Elastomer layer (No. 6)
output is far greater.
The modular mattresses for perfect sleep have undergone
comprehensive tests and have accumulated thousands of sleep
hours from the Beta phase through to the final development.
The mattresses were developed by top experts in the fields of
sleep and material engineering (engineers, sleep researchers,
physiotherapists, and athletes) using exclusive
technologies without compromising the quality and materials,
with the objective of ensuring that customers will enjoy an
amazing and innovative sleep experience and that they will
enjoy the perfect sleep.
As a company that is built on innovation, Kangaroo included a unique feature, to our modular mattresses allowing the mattress to be re-opened and to replace its parts (such as any internal layers or covers) that  way our customers can use the same mattress for many years.
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